33 Interesting Words for Lovers, Breakups, and Fights

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Ever been at a loss for words when chatting with your lover? We’re looking at thirty-three fascinating words to perfectly describe how you feel!

Did you know there are 1,025,109.8 words in the English language? According to LanguageMonitor.com, there is a new word being created every ninety-eight minutes! With the abundant creation of new, interesting words every day, it’s amazing how we can still feel at a loss for them.

Have you ever had a foreign friend tell you there is a word in their language that doesn’t translate its meaning into English? That can be a powerful, if not a mind-boggling statement! After all, how can a feeling not translate? That’s how many of us feel when trying to describe our innermost emotions to our lovers and friends.

At Forgetboredom, we’re all about expanding both our romantic and verbal horizons. Whether it’s happy, sad, fun, or romantic, we’re taking a look at thirty-three interesting words that will help you pinpoint exactly how you feel!

Interesting words you need to know

When it comes expressing how we feel, our vocab can make or break us, especially when it comes to relationships! Without further ado, let’s jump into our list.

Hot words for when you’re getting sexy

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Dirty talk shouldn’t be the only language you speak when talking about sex. Want to add a little extra, foreign spice to your sexy talk? We’re pretty confident these nine words for sex and sexy time activities will do just the trick.

#1 Ineffable (English). Incapable of expressing or describing due to sacredness or inexpressible feelings. Because it was just that good.

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